The Ultimate Grounding Bundle with “Deeply Rooted” Essential Oil blend

This Bundle was designed to assist you with the ultimate grounding ceremony to add to your daily alignment practice! This bundle helps promote peace, forgiveness, stability, awakening, surrendering, tapping into intuition, releasing tension, stress, sadness, fear and shame.

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Included in the Bundle:
1 Palo Santo Stick for  smudging away negative energy and welcoming new positive energy
1 10ml roller of essential oil blends with clear quartz crystal chips!

I teamed up with essential oil specialist, Cortni Eastman, and we sat down and had picked together which blends would go best with alignment and spiritual practice. The blends put together are called “Deeply Rooted”

Envision: Is powerful to support and balance to the emotions. This type of emotional support is necessary for us to move forward with renewed faith in the future toward achieving our dreams and goals.

Surrender: Is a blend that is calming, relaxing, and balancing to the emotions, making it effective for those with dominant personalities who at times may become unfocused or overbearing. By balancing the emotions, clearing the mind, and reducing feelings of nervousness and stress, as well as calm inner strength.

Grounding: May help to stabilize and ground us in order to deal with reality in a logical, peaceful manner. It can be easy for us to disconnect from reality. We are either excited about new ideas or want to escape into our own fantasy world. However, doing this allows us to make choices that can lead to some very unfortunate circumstances. This blend may help us deal with reality.

Clear quartz is the ultimate “Master Healer”